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Setting new challenges with an innovative and competitive approach, Fluorsid Group believes and invests in the creation of value aiming at ​the highest standards of quality and efficiency.








A world-leading
Italian industrial holding company.

The holding company founds its organisational culture on a mix of entrepreneurship and commercial focus, to continue a long and profitable adventure. A common vision across chemical, mining and metals, trading and financial activity within strategic markets, and finally in the entertainment industry.

Fluorsid Group story fits -first of all- with the story of Fluorsid, started in 1969 by its founder, Count Carlo Enrico Giulini, in the mines of Silius, within the territory of Gerrei, Sardinia.

Integrity, ambition and perseverance are the founding values ​​of the group, combined with an ethical approach to business that preserves all the aspects and sectors that are part of an increasingly global and competitive market. Keys of a philosophy that guides all the business moments: respect for every dynamic of our life; search for the best results ever through inexhaustible efforts.

Chemical sector — in Cagliari, Treviglio (Italy) and Odda (Norway) — mining in Derbyshire (UK) and metals one (in UK, Sheffield, and Switzerland, Martigny), together with trading activities in the Swiss offices Lausanne and Zurich, allow Fluorsid to cover the entire fluorine value chain.

The strategic participation in Simplis Logistics is an effective gateway to the East market thanks to its warehouses located in Bahrain. Portfolio is then completed, together with the minority participation (30%) in Laminazione Sottile — the main Italian company in semi-finished aluminum products — by Cagliari Calcio as regards the entertainment: centenary Club, a sort of National team of Sardinia, eighth by number of fanbase in Italy, Serie A champion in 1970 and one of the main actors in professional sport at the highest levels of the Country.


Fluorsid Group serves
the real economy.

Fluorsid Group invests in five main business areas: chemical, mining, metals, trading and entertainment.



Cagliari Calcio

Simplis Logistics

Laminazione Sottile

Fluorsid controls Mimeta SA, based in Lausanne (Switzerland), a company leader in the titanium (thanks to Active Metals Ltd, which also trades raw materials, sited in Sheffield) and magnesium powders and that has a majority share of SFM SA, a Swiss company specialised in the production of magnesium powders and raspings. SFM SA is the main shareholder of the Russian company SEMP. In addition, the strategic asset represented by SimplisLogistics (50% of the shares held), that from its Bahrain warehouses operates as a real gateway to all Eastern markets.

The holding company covers the entire fluor value chain – from the extraction of fluorspar to HF’s production or its derivative products, such as the aluminium floride – through the different plants in Italy (Assemini in Sardinia, Porto Marghera in Venice area and Treviglio, located north-east of Milan), in Norway (Odda) and UK (Derbyshire and Sheffield) regarding chemical and metals sectors. Last but not least, Fluorsid’s portfolio is completed by the important participation in Laminazione Sottile, the most important player in the semi-finished aluminium industry in Italy.

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